can I add a new graphic card on my processor intel pentium g630

Hi friends,first of all sorry for my bad english.I dont know more about pc.I recently see post on this website that telling u can add any power gpu but make sure that ur processor can handle ur gpu.I nead to add gtx 750 ti 2gb to my pc and my processor is intel pentium g630 2.70 ghz.I nead to play gta 5 with 1366*720 resolution with medium or higher settings I have 8 gb plz help me.or help me to find out best gpu under 10000 rs
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  1. 750 Ti is OK to use, but you need to make sure your power supply can run it and it will fit in your case.
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  2. First, not sure which rupee, is it Indian, Mauritian, Nepalese, Pakistani or Sri Lankan? I will assume Indian for the time being.

    Your big problem with running GTA5 is that the G630 is a two thread CPU and GTA5 min requirement is four threads.

    As far as adding a GPU it is more a matter of your Power Supply Unit (PSU) having enough power and the proper connectors. As well, does the motherboard have the right slots. To go any further with a recommendation we would need to know what PSU and motherboard you have. If you don't know how to find out I can explain.
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  3. Sorry i dont know to reply thats y iam chatting u from my solution section.tnx for ur replys.i didnt expect a reply this much sooon thanks alot.i lookked my power supply box it didnt have any watt mark thats y i searched my power supply details in googke and it is 500 watts.but i yhink its a low quality one.i nead gtx ti 750 so thats y i will remove my cpu cover if it didnt fit in my cpu caste.i dont know will my idea works.i checked my spots and it is PSI e.i dont know about psu what is it.THANKs alot.and if my processor cant hold my gpu ,ehich one i nead to buy.iam only 16 and i dont have any budget and even any flow of pocket money.i only get 5000 rs(indian money) for a processor.plz help me .sorry for my bad english .thanks
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  4. Okay, no need to apologize, your English is better than my Urdu (or Hindi or Punjabi or Kashmiri or ?) :)

    To get your motherboard info download this program (its free)

    It will extract information on your CPU (CPU/Caches), mobo (Mainboard), memory timings (Memory), installed RAM model and standard timings (SPD) and video card (Graphics)

    As well, open up the case and look at the Power Supply Unit (PSU), there should be a label which gives you make and model. If you want, just take a picture and upload it to the Imgur website, it is free to join.

    Once you have this info then provide it along with a budget, country of purchase and any local online vendors you wish to use.
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    So, in short, you have a Pentium G630 with a 500w Power Supply which you think is of low-quality and you want to add a GTX 750Ti or any equally powerful graphics card under Rs.10000 to your PC.
    For Rs.10000, you should get a GTX 1050 over a GTX 750Ti :
    But the GTX 1050 might not run well even if your power supply supports it as your Pentium G630 is terribly weak to handle even a GTX 750Ti (so forget about 1050!) and you will not be able to play GTA V properly.
    For Rs.10000, the following upgrades would provide a better experience :
    1) Buy an i5 2400 (don't worry! it supports your current motherboard.) from here for Rs.4999 :
    2) Swap the Pentium G630 with the i5 2400 (use the cooler from the G630 as the i5 will most probably not come with a cooler)
    3) Buy a GT 730 2GB from here for Rs.5145 :
    For just a little over Rs.10000, these upgrades would boost up the PC in gaming massively!
    The GT 730 would work on your PC even if your PSU is a low quality one as it uses very less power.
    The GT 730 is the next best after GTX 750Ti.
    The i5 2400 has 4 Cores and 4 Threads over your Pentium's 2 Cores and 2 Threads.
    Happy Gaming!
    I am from India too!
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