Laptop (HP ProBook 470 G3 (DDR4)) doesn't turn on after upgrading RAM.

Hello everyone,

i bought RAM (Micron Technology 8GB 1RX8 PC4-2400T-SAB-11) to my laptop, so i can upgrade it from 8GB in 1 module to 16GB in 2 modules. This part is exactly the same i had already so thats why i bought it. Sadly after sticking in the new RAM module while of course having turned off the laptop (battery out and charger out) it never wants to turn on again. Nothing happens. Here is the list of what i did so far:

- 1 original module in original connector (WORKS)
- 2 modules in (DOESN'T WORK)
- 2 modules in but swapped (DOESN'T WORK)
- 1 new module in original connector (WORKS)
- 1 original module in second connector (WORKS)
- 1 new module in original connector (WORKS)

So it seems that both RAM modules and both connectors inside the laptop are 100% working. I use Windows 7 Professional so i can easly use 16 GB of RAM. Also on the website of the producent it's sad that dual channel 16GB RAM is possible.

Is it possible that this modules are not compatible? I mean they are exactly the same but i didn't buy them both together. Or is it something with dual channel that doesn't work.

I called HP support center but all they could tell me was to buy a RAM that has an HP logo on it -.-'

Best regards,
Tero Ares
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  1. Recommended 8GB sticks are Dual Rank for these kind of systems. Try getting it exchanged to 8GB Dual Rank (2Rx8).

    HP Logo RAM is a HP Certified RAM. HP does not manufacture RAM memory, but certifies certain memory after testing it to be compatible.
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  2. Thank you for your answer. I will take that into consideration while trying to solve my issue.
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