What cooler should i get cooler hyper 212x or AIO

Hi guys i am in the search of a good cooler.I never had a different cooler than the stock intel,so now i am wondering between 2 coolers.Cooler Master hyper 212x and DeepCool Maelstrom 120T,this are the only 2 coolers that i am interested about.I will be buying i7 2600k(because i only play cs go,h1z1 and sometimes League of Legends) so can you tell m witch on of them is the better cooler for overclocking ,the price difference is 8$ the 212x being cheaper.
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  1. I have the CM Hyper 212 EVO on my overclocked i7 3770K, and it works great for gaming. Games played are BF3, COD, and some others. No over heating issues.

    Hope this helps.
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  2. I have an i7-3700K as well, but found the EVO too loud (and I was not raising voltage) despite tweaking. I actually replace the fan with a NOCTUA fan which significantly reduced fan noise, though I ended up just giving that cooler away.

    I dislike liquid coolers in general. They will wear out (pump or tube liquid permeation), and are often noisier than a similar air cooler. unless there's a space issue, or aesthetic reason I'd avoid.

    I need to check prices, but the Cryorig H7 was one I and others recommended in terms of value. I'll add a link or two below.
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    From my research, if you look at both performance and noise it seems to be:

    H7-> 212X -> EVO

    So the H7 should be quieter at the same performance level. It still won't be silent as even my Noctua NH-U12S can be heard under heavy load.

    So that's my recommendation, and also install the MOTHERBOARD FAN SOFTWARE to optimize a profile. In general, I recommend a fan curve that's like:

    40% (ish) then ramp up about 50degC (to max at 100%, 85degC or so, though a straight line is rarely ideal. maybe 50C to 60C, then level down to 75C, then increase to 100% at 85degC as a precaution which ideally you don't hit)

    (even if the CPU fan can drop to 20% max RMP I don't usually do that if that means light usage is going to jump the fan up above 40%. I'd rather keep the fan at 40% to start to avoid noise fluctuations. So you can experiment)

    Adjust as needed using something like HANDBRAKE (for more than ten minutes, AND using about 100% usage). I don't use Prime95 to calibrate my fan profile as it's not a realistic test. It's really a stress test, though worth running as a worst-case to see if the system is still stable.

    *I aim for a max of about 75degC since that's what Intel recommends for "optimal" life of the CPU (CPU's like all computer chips with transistors will wear out over time. Voltage and temperature accelerate this.

    Many older motherboard only support 3-pin fans. If the CPU_FAN header is 3-pin you should not get a CPU Cooler with a PWM (4-pin) fan. All the above likely are.
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  4. Thank you for the opinions boys,photoboy i am currently interested only in the hyper 212x and the maelstrom 120T because in my country the currency is different and this two are in my price range.So i just want to know witch of the two coolers will perform better but thank you allot for your opinion and time :)
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  5. Hyper 212x will be better than Maelstrom 120T. At same price range air cooler will mostly beat AIO.
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