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So I'm pretty new to the whole gaming of world and all the mechanics of building one but I have an old dimension e520 at my house that I would love to upgrade enough to run at least minimum settings on most modern games so I was wondering where I could start with this process but i would kinda need the info dumbed down enough for me to understand here are the specs

current system components:
Dell E520
CPU: 2.13 GHZ
RAM: 2.0 GB
Power Supply: 305 Watts
Video Card: ATI Radeon X 1300 Pro

Thanks for any assistance or guidance.
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    You'll need something like a 3.0 ghz quad core, a GTX 730, and about a 450 watt PSU. Ram minimum of 4 but I recommend 6-8
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  2. You need an entire new computer. That one just will not do. You can't make that thing run modern games unless they are not very demanding. You need to replace everything.
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  3. Maximum memory supported in hardware is 4Gb and it's DDR2 DRAM so it's going to be slow.

    I suspect the hard drive is old so it may be reaching its end of life also.

    Save your money for a better machine. Any money you spend upgrading this machine will be wasted.
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  4. Yeah, this was once a solid budget-to-low-middle gaming build, but that was in 2006-2007 or so. The time period when upgrading made sense was seven or eight years ago; at this point, you'd literally need to replace everything, which basically means an entirely new build.
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  5. If you must upgrade it then here's what you should get.

    This CPU should work.Core 2 Quad Q6600

    And a GT 1030. You might not have to upgrade your PSU but I'd still recommend it. And 2 more GB of DDR2 RAM.

    It still won't run many modern games but it will be much more powerful than it is now. And some people still run gaming rigs with the Q6600.
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