SSD undetected. PC stuck at POST

Hello. This website has helped me solved many issues, but I have no idea how to fix this so I ask you guys.

When I installed Windows 7 I created 2 partitions. The C:\ one where the OS is ended up being too small and causing me trouble. So I downloaded the Partition Wizard and used the merge option.. I merged my E:\ (which contained most of unused space) with my C:\

Everything seemed to going well until the program asked me to restart cause "C:\ was being used", so the software needed to reboot to do some stuff. Ok sounds good, hope it doesnt mess up i thought. Well it did. After doing whatever it did it restarted and now its stuck on the Asus start screen, just frozen there. Won't let me access BIOS pressing F2.

So i take the SSD off and sure now it lets me get into BIOS. I tried connecting the SSD in my brother PC and his PC gets stucks at POST too.
I cant run any repair tool on this drive nor try to repartition or wipe data, cause i cant access it.
I tried booting Windows 7 installer on USB (i have to disconnect ssd for this) then connect the ssd when im in the choose/create partition step, but it doesn't recognize it as expected.

What can I do? Did the partition wizard fried or changed some low level thing on the SSD? Is it fubar? Help please!
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  1. Why would a SSD block the BIOS or freeze the startup? Even if i have boot from USB enabled, if the SSD is connected it won't get past the Asus screen.
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