Asus 1070 rog strix and i7 6700k getting low fps on battlefield 1

I am getting around 90-105 fps average on ultra 1080p in battlefield 1 with my gtx 1070 and i7 6700k. My gpu is on about 80-99 percent usage in game and my cpu is on about 60-70 percent usage in game and my cpu tenp is between 60-80 degrees Celsius. I don't know why I'm getting this fps when I see people with same specs get higher.

My specs
Asus rog 1070 strix
intel i7 6700k
cooler hyper 212 evo
motherboard asus prime z270 ar
ram 3000mhz 16gb ddr4
ssd Samsung 256 ssd
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  1. You do realize that not everyone will get the same results. Also What is wrong with 90-105 FPS? That is pretty stabled for running a optimized game like BF1. I will never understand why users complain about "low" FPS when it's clearly not that low, especially with a modern AAA title.
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  2. that's great fps, all you really need is 60 to have a good experience, now it was below 60 that would be a problem
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  3. I know its not bad fps but its not what is expected and if I'm spending 430 on a graphics card and 300 on a cpu i want to get what is expected
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  4. Again, not everyone will get the same results. Unless you are getting something like a EVGA Kingpin, those FPS you see in Youtube are not guaranteed. I'm sure everyone else will agree with me.
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  5. Let me give you the answer you are looking for. You can try to overclock the CPU for better performance. You can also try to overclock the GPU for better performance. Do one or both of these successfully, you will probably see improved performance similar to others with the same system configurations.
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    I think that's pretty solid if you ask me. CPU temps are a little high. I would check for driver updates, reapply thermal paste. Consider a noctua air cooler.

    On BF1 settings check and make sure resolution is not adjusted by nvidia. Sometimes it sets it to 125%. Also motion blur and FOV can effect FPS.
    There is also no need to overclock your CPU
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