Help me please my pc won't boot!!

Hi so today I tried to update my drivers using driver booster, after that had finished and I restarted the computer the keyboard & mouse wouldn't work on the login screen so I reset.

The keyboard/mouse worked in bios i somehow got to the window 10 recovery page and tried troubleshooting using backup, reset pc tried booting in safe mode and all it gave me were errors.

So I went back to bios and maybe hit the wrong option now I can't even get to the login screen or bios menus. There's no connection to my monitor either.

Please help I just bought a new motherboard a couple of weeks ago it's frustrating I spend so much money on this pc now I might have to just get a brand new one

Also USB ports are still working
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  1. Reset the CMOS by taking out the battery you will see on the motherboard, wait for 5 Mins and put it back on the motherboard.
    Connect the keyboard and mouse to the USB 2.0 ports(black), not in USB 3.0 ports(blue in color usually).
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    You should also have your pc disconnected from your power outlet as you remove your battery. Reconnect the pc to your power outlet after the battery is reinstalled. When you fire up the pc again hold down the delete key to get into the bios. Check your boot device in the bios to ensure your bootable device is still listed as first in the order. You should be golden then. See if you have a system restore setting where you can roll back your computer to a point prior to having driver booster make changes. You should update your drivers manually instead of having a program go hog wild and do it for you. You are giving up control on what it is doing to your system.
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  3. Ok thanks guys I'll have to try when my brother gets back I'll let you know if all good
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