Need help choosing cheap PSU like EVGA 500B or Corsair CXM, please help :)

Hi all, I'm outside the US so my options are kind of limited... and expensive. The 430w EVGA I'm considering is $30 msrp in the US and $70 over here :(

Basically, I need an emergency PSU because the one I had, a Seasonic, has to go back and hopefully I'll get a new one because of the warranty, but I need a computer for school so a replacement PSU is needed for now.

I have a 6600k but no GPU and will not be adding a GPU for now, so i'm looking for a 400 to 500 watt psu. Then when I get the seasonic i'll replace it.

So here's the ones i have access to and need an opinion on

EVGA 430 W1 80plus

EVGA 500b 80 bronze

Corsair 450vs

Corsair 430 cxm

Here are some reviews.
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  1. Look for a Corsair CX450M.
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  2. I would go with the 500B or the CX430M if those are your choices.
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    Ditto, if you're limited to those the CX430M is probably the best choice.
    Honestly if I were you i'd go for whatever was cheapest between the CXM and B1.
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  4. Thanks so much guys, you've helped a lot :) So I'm going to discard the VS and the plain 80+ evga since the cxm and b1 are better. I noticed that the vs was in a lower tier than cxm on the psu lists.
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  5. Would a Seasonic SS400es be better or worse than the CXM or Evga b1? just saw one on sale too.
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  6. Better, but it depends on pricing.
    Which of the three is cheapest?
    This is only a temp replacement for a low wattage system, so it should be fine with either.
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