What do you think about build this gaming pc system?


intel Core i5-7500

Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB single 2400MHz CL15 DDR4

ASUS PRIME H270-PLUS LGA1151 DDR4 2400/2133

Green X2 Jaguar Version 2 Computer Case

western digital blue 1tb

The system does not overclocking,then i need cheap power suply.

can i use single 8 ram and add 1 more later?(Because of budget)

Please recommend good pc gaming.
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  1. You never go too cheap on the power supply , it runs and protects your setup.

    Adding more ram later , may or may not work even if identical.
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  2. Acrually for the psu i would recomend you to get the tx 650m but if budget doesnt allow then get a vs450. It is an entry level psu(vs450). It is never good to cheap out on a power supply. Your system depends on it.
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