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Hello i was just wondering if anyone could help or just give tips so i got a new motherboard because my old one failed... and now i get lag in games for no reason everything is up to date drivers i upgraded to windows 10 after i got the new motherboard so it should be fresh, i was wondering any of you might know what the problem is... motherboard is msi - Z97 Gaming 5 atx..
everything worked fine before first motherboard broke
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  1. Did you do a complete format and re install of Windows or just upgrade?

    What was the old motherboard?
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  2. i just upgraded to windows 10 thinking maybe since its upgrading to new one it would update all the drivers etc.. and it was the same motherboard as the new one
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  3. Usually a motherboard change would require a compete wipe and reinstall of Windows, but as you've changed it for an identical board then that shouldn't be required.

    It may be worth downloading the Windows 10 iso same version as you have installed now and burning it to a dvd or using something like rufus to put it on a USB stick.

    I've found the upgrade path and also the windows media creation tool doesn't always go as smoothly as it appears, ive tried using the media creation tool before, and had to create 3 or 4 bootable USB sticks before I got a version that actually installed and worked properly, I don't use it anymore, I just download the iso and use rufus, never had a problem that way.
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  4. You will want to do a fresh Windows install. Besides the possibility of the motherboard being a different revision, the Windows upgrade is far from perfect and can cause a lot of problems.
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  5. alright ill try and reinstall windows and see what happens will post if it works thanks for the answers :)
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  6. alright i contacted windows and everything also and everything working fine so i dont think its that.. but the lag still happens so my next question is could it be my memory right now all i have open is chrome and little apps like blizzard app.. and im using 37 percent of my memory is that normal? sometimes when i play games the memory jumps up to like 70 i have 8 gb
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