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This is my cpu I want to oc:
Intel Core i7-6700K - 8 threads / 4,0GHz (4,2 Ghz Turbo) / 8MB / Socket 1151

I Have no idea what programs to use or how high is safe, I think I red that 4,6 Ghz was a good bet though.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. theres plenty of guides online, but ill give you a quick walkthrough. you want to get a temp monitoring program and a program to monitor core voltage. some will do both. also youll need a stress test to test for stability, id recommend occt. then in the bios you want to sync all cores to run at the same speed and bump the clock up by .1ghz, boot up and run the stress test for at least 15 minutes. if it passes bump it up again and keep doing this until either the pc wont boot or the stress test fails. then go into the bios and bump the voltage up by .025. and try again. and you keep doing this adjusting the clock vs the voltage until you get a steady overclock with temps and voltage kept in check. for the 6700k you dont want to go above 85 degrees under heavy load like occt nor above 1.35v for daily use. but id personally try to keep it at 1.3 or lower.

    and theres then having to deal with vdroop and setting an offset or adaptive voltage so youre not at full power 24/7. like i said, this was just a quick run through of the basic principles, but id read a guide or two and/or watch a couple vids.
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    A very useful guide here

    Do try to keep Voltage <1.4V for longevity. Also do try to do all OC via BIOS rather than software. Also it depends on your CPU and the cooling capacity, but I would say a very high percentage of i7-6700k OC to 4.6Ghz easily, probably about 50% or so.
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