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Planning to use an ASRock AB350M Pro4 mATX motherboard with Ryzen R7 1700, but because of this I have to pick RAM from the QVL list to be sure it'll work at all or at the advertised speeds. That list is extremely limited so I looked up completed builds with this board and they had RAM not on that list which worked, so I wanted to ask if anyone could recommend some kind of RGB RAM (16gb (8x2), 3000/3200MHz) that they know to work with this mobo.

I've seen that the Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3200MHz worked on a build and it fits my budget, so I'll go for that as a last resort but again, I'd really like some kind of RGB RAM (maybe from G.Skill) to fit the aesthetic I'm aiming for. Appreciate any help at all, spent my entire evening trying to find compatible RAM for this god damn motherboard lol. Thanks!
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  1. Most RAM works but could run at much lower speeds. A reviewer posted on newegg this RAM works at 2933 on a Gigabyte K5. Any of that type should be ok what ever color you need. Tho you shouldn't expect the same results as you may be limited to 2400 on your motherboard.
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