Stuttering with high fps and low temps in all games

So im looking for and answer for months but i didnt find one . Therefore i want to ask the community. So my problem is that i get weird stuttering although i have way over 200 fps or at least over 144 for my 144hz monitor. But im so confused what is causing this problem. Every game is affected by this problem so its nothing about a specific game. To give you a quick example: When i play csgo i usually have 400+ fps nevertheless my game feels unsmooth and i cant play normally.


32 GB RAM 2666mhz Hyperx Fury
R9 280x Sapphire Vapor Tri-X OC
SSD 850 Evo 250GB
Noctua Cooler 1
700W power supply by MAXPRO
Toshiba HDD
Monitor: BENQ XL 2411Z (144hz)
Roccat Kone XTD optical
Razer Blackwidow X Chroma

I really belive that u guys can help .
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  1. Is this with both single and multiplayer games?
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  2. What's the speed of your HDD?
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  3. 1.yes it is hdd has got 7500 rpm
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  4. I was thinking maybe your drive was slower, like 5400 RPM, but a 7200 RPM drive wouldn't cause stuttering unless something's wrong with it. Pull up a command prompt and run chkdisk /f /r then restart your computer; let it do its thing and see if it finds any issues. If that comes up clean, we'll look elsewhere for the culprit.
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  5. didn't work
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  6. What do you mean by "didn't work?" Did chkdisk fail to run? Did it come up clean?
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  7. it failed to run :/ unknown command or smth came up
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  8. Are you sure you typed it in correctly? If it still doesn't recognize the command, Windows is corrupted and needs to be repaired or reinstalled. chkdisk is a built-in function of Windows.
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  9. Yes it worked this time i forgot to type "C:" chkdsk C: /f /r . But everything is fine
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  10. Oh. I probably should include that when I give people the command lol...So no disk issues. Have you checked your CPU and GPU temps while gaming? Run CPUID HWMonitor and report 'em here. With a Noctua cooler on your CPU I doubt it's overheating, but anything is possible.
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