Sapphire HD Radeon 7950 new cooling problem

I have sapphire hd radeon 7950 graphics card from 2012 and I wanted to buy arctic accelero cooling but it only supports 7950 cards from after february 2013, what do I do?
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  1. I think instead of buying an aftermarket cooler for that card you should save a little. You can get a better card for around 200 dollars. All your doing is throwing good money at a dated product. Or you could get some mx4 and apply fresh paste to the gpu.
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  2. Buying new gpu is out of question, even though it might be better, it serves me very well and I'm satisfied with my current gpu but having small usb fan to cool my gpu from 90 celsius to 68 celsius (it works) is no go. I need an solution, the thermal paste is a good idea, but how will it help me exactly? Thanks for super fast answer!
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  3. there should be a few small "X" shaped screws (Philips screwdriver #1 most likely) to take the case around the front off, then 4 screws Philips #2 to release the heatsink from the GPU, clean heatsink and GPU, apply a thin layers of thermal paste, reassemble, enjoy. also check your fan is still running at proper speeds.
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  4. Is yours the one with the blower fan at the back? Have you ever cleaned it?

    Thermal grease is what you use between the heatsink on the gpu cooler and the actual gpu. Over time it degrades which makes it less efficient for cooling the gpu. It is best to use a non conductive such as this on it.

    First you would have to clean both surfaces. Use isopropyl alcohol 90% to clean the surfaces.

    here is a tutorial

    Also clean the dust out of the entire card while you have it apart.

    disregard the overclock part of the tutorial. Also it is basically the same with amd and NVidia.
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  5. So I need to just buy thermal paste, clean the gpu, I didn't overclock so that's all, thanks guys, I will tell you how it ended.
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  6. So, I bought just 140mm Noctua NF-P14r redux-1500 PWM, and installed it on three different places in computer, but I get even higher tempeture, 96 celsius. what do I do?
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  7. Watch it.
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  8. In computer technology 4 years old is dated. Futuremark doesn't work that way. It deals in percentiles. True it does rank setups, but there is no way you would be ranked 48 in the world with that crap video card. What you saw was how popular it is. Oh and by the way it is now it is now the 47th most popular video card. Oh ya mine is the second most popular. Doesn't mean it is the second best though. Mine is not near that either. Though much better then, I repeat, the crap your playing with.

    Though since you decided to insult me. Let it burn up for all I care. Good luck noob. It's not polite to talk poop to old people. Maybe listen and learn instead.
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  9. Alright, sure, my mistake, I get it, I got it all wrong, so I beg your apology. Now, is there anyway I can just replace stock fan on gpu chip? the small little fan? I still don't know what to do with air cooling without buying new gpu, but hey, if I want to waste money, it's my right, right? please help me waste my money, I'm begging you, thanks.

    Side note: My really bad plan is buying Cooler Master N300 and getting one or more fans extra, since N300 has 2 fans already with it.
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  10. Honestly, send an email to the GPU manufacturer. It's outside warranty but they might take pity and send a new cooler. Also... it's worth looking for used GPUs online, you can get a much better card for pretty cheap (kijiji, craigslist).
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  11. I will never buy GPU unless the games become unplayable, but in my case? I get BF1 on medium to high settings around 40 and more fps, so basically anything I play is playable, until it's 91 Celsius time! I have tight budget and it won't get bigger, no way I can save up for gpu, so I will just buy a pc case, get fans and live for few years with my dated gpu, until I want to upgrade. Thank you for your help, much appreciated.
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  13. Great! I'm sure I don't need to be taught how to install these, thanks for the link.
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  14. Lol, nvm. I just cleaned gpu fan from dust and tempeture went down by 19 celsius, I'm such a noob, just kill me, thanks for the help, though!
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