Can't install motherboard/chipset drivers after installing Windows 10

I recently "Reset" my Windows 10 PC as a Windows update just would not install and I figured a clean install of Windows would be healthy.

I now can't install the drivers on the CD that came with my motherboard (MSI 970A-G43). Are these drivers important? Or will Windows 10 automatically get all the drivers it needs? When I check out the drivers for my CPU (AMD FX6300) in Device Manager I see it's a Microsoft driver from 2009 who didn't sound great.

I'm quite concerned as my PC now crashes quite frequently, especially while playing games. This didn't happen before I "Reset" the PC so a missing driver seems like a plausible explanation to my (naive) mind.
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  1. Get them from the boards site not the DVD.
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  2. When I look on the website here 64 the only drivers available for Windows 10 are the audio and LAN drivers. If I select older versions of Windows I get a much richer set of options - does that mean the drivers aren't important for Windows 10, or is the motherboard not compatible with windows 10?
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  4. Thanks Calvin7, I've installed those now.

    It seems to have helped somewhat - the PC now plays games OK with the wireless network disconnected, but after one game when I tried to connect to the network the PC instantly froze. So my chief suspect is now the wireless network card which I just found it "isn't compatible" with Windows 10 (TP Link TL-WN851ND). I first got the card when I had Windows 7 and never thought about it until now. I'll get a new card that hopefully is compatible with Windows 10!
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