Msi z97 gaming 5 motherboard won't power on

Hey everyone.

I rma my just under 3 year motherboard and the one they sent back wind power on at all. I have changed the cmos battery removed all components from the motherboard. I am wondering if there any way to check to see if the motherboard is bad.

Any help is appreciated.

Msi z97 gaming 5
Cosair cx600m
Rip jaws g skill ddr3 2x4gb
Gigabyte r7 260x
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  1. You could start with saying why you RMA the board in first place. What happened so you thought motherboard was bad? Maybe it was some other component?

    But short answer is: if the board will not power at all, it's either bad board, bad PSU, bad cable connections or something is shorting out.
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  2. The rma was abios update that went badly. Even after the bios update gone badly I could still turn it on. I check my psu and I was able to get it to turn on.
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    I see. If PSU passed paper clip test, it should be able to power up mobo at least long enough to see any signs of life. So only thing left is to rebuild the setup outside case to rule out any short outs, and if that's still no go, then motherboard is bad.
    Unless it's the power switch on the case that died.
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  4. I will rebuild outside the case.
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  5. Still nothing. Only thing plugged in it CPU fan. Single stick of ram 8 pin and 24 pin.
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  6. Tried starting with screwdriver to rule out power switch failure? Then it is dead motherboard.
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  7. Yes. I ruled out the power switch awhile ago. Now I have to decide what to do.
    Thank you for the help
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