5.1 Audio From PC via HDMI via SPDIF Splitter via Optical Cable to Home Theatre System

Im trying to setup a 5.1 surround system through my PC. The HDMI is connected through the graphics card to SPDIF splitter (https://www.amazon.com/Extractor-Splitter-Digital-embedder-Converter/dp/B012VJHK5A like this one) and then from HDMI to the TV and an optical cable to the home theatre system. The problem i have is that my PC picks up that my TV is 2-channel and therefore only outputs 2-channel. How can i output the 5.1 channel audio through the HDMI cable?
By the way Im running Windows 10
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  1. Can you list your TV, Home Theatre, and PC specs so we can get the 'big picture' please
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  2. There is a switch on the audio extractor to select 2.0 or 5.1.
    Check that.
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  3. Hello, I am looking for something similar and did you try to switch to 5.1? What happen? Did the PC find a 5.1 system of speakers and played true DTS or Dolby in 5.1?

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