GTX 1080Ti SLI - One 4k monitor, 2 1080p monitors

I am looking for a way to use my two 1080p monitors while gaming on my 4K monitor, however I am having issues making them all work with 2x SLI when using GTX 1080Ti cards. No matter what connection configuration I use between the two cards I can only get a maximum of one 1080p display to work.

I am using the latest drivers, Windows 10 Pro x64 with latest updates, etc. The cards are MSI Gaming X if that is relevant.

My optimal setup would be:

GPU 1:

GPU 2:

Any thoughts or ideas on what I could check or issues with this setup are welcome. If there is a way to do this I'd really appreciate it.
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  1. Try connecting one 1080p monitor to GPU 1.
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  2. King Dranzer said:
    Try connecting one 1080p monitor to GPU 1.

    I have tried all configurations of the different displays, as I said I can only get one 1080p to work with my 4K monitor. All the monitors work fine if I disable SLI
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  3. Remove the HTC Vive and connect all monitors to GPU 1 and check if it works.
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  4. King Dranzer said:
    Remove the HTC Vive and connect all monitors to GPU 1 and check if it works.

    I don't think you understand, the only time I can get more than my 4K monitor to work is with just 1 1080p monitor plugged in GPU 1, without any other display units including the VIVE. As soon as I plug in one more 1080p display (identical to the first) then they both go black and stay that way.
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  5. Re-install or upgrade to latest NVIDIA drivers. Hope it solves the problem.
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    Here are some details on my specific situation and how I solved this issue:

    For starters, I am using the BenQ GW Series GW2265HM monitors for my 1080p displays. These particular monitors like some other ones like it require a DVI connection to initialize, however after initializing I was able to switch to HDMI after initialization, which I did. However when I switched from non-SLI to SLI it would need to re-initialize, and there would be no DVI connection.

    What I did to solve this, is I purchased two HDMI -> DVI cables, so now I can utilize the secondary GPU's HDMI ports, and the screens initialize as I switch between SLI and non-SLI.

    Super happy it was such a simple fix.
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