Computer having multiple issues, not sure what is the cause.

So the issues I am having consist of this. Most started three months ago, but have worsened the last few day to where it is affecting my work. This is the third pc I have built, and the last I ever will because it has been the biggest headache of my life.

1. Computer won't turn off. If I place it in sleep mode or try to power it down, it just turns itself back on. I call it my demon computer because sometimes when I flip the power switch and even unplug it(Because that is the only way to turn it off) all previous applications are still open when I turn it back on. MS Word is on the page I left it on, steam still has the same game's page open, the last email I read is still open, and so on.
2. All games have low frame rates and even playing on the lowest setting does nothing. Even older games like skyrim, dishonored, and a anno game from 2009. I even launched minecraft to see what it would do, which wasn't much. I ended up with a mixture between 30fps that would randomly jump to 300, then back to 50, and so on. Everything is up to date too, and my nivida settings are where they should be.
3.Optical audio port on the motherboard does not work well. Any sound from it will pop and go out often. Not really a big deal, but now I feel like it could be related to the other issues
4. Office apps have started crashing, both when opening and saving. I've lost hours of work because of this. The auto-save function only works sometimes, and there's not much I can do when hitting save causes me to lose all of my work.
5. Sometimes lag and short freezing during everyday tasks. Google, opening apps, email, trying to open the file folder, etc.

I've booted in safe mode and the lag was still there, and my virus protection found nothing. All drivers and software is up to date

i7 6700k @ 4.00ghz
16 GB corsair vengeance 8x2 ram
Gigabyte Nivida Geforce gtx 1080
Corsair CX Series, CX750, (750W) 80+ Bronze Certified
Samsung evo 750 128gb (operating system, ms office, virus protection, other important software)
Samsung evo 850 500gb (Just for games and steam) Purchased 9/5/15, only part I did not replace from my 'old' computer
2tb hard drive that servers no purpose aside from storing photos
Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2
I run both webroot and malwarebytes

I build another PC at the same time as this one, similar specs, and it works perfectly. When I built my first pc two years ago, having no idea what I was doing, I had no issues then either. I would be grateful for any suggestions on what is happening and if there is anything I can do. I've wasted so much money already on brand new bad parts for this computer.

I've replaced almost every part in this pc at least twice! Four motherboards, 4 sticks of ram, 1 ssd, 2 GPUS, and two psus later I thought I had a working computer... But, alas, I don't. So I've given up on figuring out the issues on my own. I suspected the psu for some time, but now it seems like other issues are at play.

I rebuilt my computer last October, The only reason I did so was when I tried to install a GPU and the clip holding the gpu in the slot just fell out. I ended up replacing every ddr3 part for newer ddr4, which is where all of this started. All the MSI boards I tried were terrible. They suffered from the issue of only working with one stick of ram. It didn't help that 2 of the 4 sticks were bad, which made it harder to tell what the issue was. I ended up taking my computer to a gaming pc store, and they were able to get the third MSI board 'working'. But to do so it took two computers. Of course, after I got the computer back, all my SATA ports stopped working two days later, so I just gave up on MSI and switched to gigabyte. During that a SSD (windows decided to lock it) and a psu were replaced too.
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  1. You don't say what ver of windows.. and if you been doing clean installs during these changes (if you been changing like for like mobos in most case?.. but guess you must have done new install when you changed from MSI to Gigabyte?). Power issues can manifest in strage ways - but you say you replaced.
    I presume you doing disk checks.. make sure they all stable...and temps not issues..
    But basically - I think I would simplify.. min hardware.. fresh install of Windows.. and see.. if that stable.. start adding things till it goes unstable (or it does not go unstable and you have solved your problem).
    Sure others will have other ideas..
    Good luck.
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  2. If you completely remove power from the PC (by unplugging it) and wait even 10 seconds before plugging it back in there should be zero way for it to retain your current state unless you are telling it to hibernate instead of shutdown.

    You may have wake settings in bios allowing something (lan, usb, etc) to wake it up from shutdown.

    With all of these motherbaord changes did you wipe and reinstall windows? If not then that is likely your problem since it has a very improper configuration of old/new drivers and settings.
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  3. If the contents of ram are still present when you power back on, you must be using hibernate.
    Hibernate will write the contents of ram to the page file before shutting down or sleeping.

    DDR3 and DDR4 are incompatible.
    You must have changed motherboards. What is your current motherboard and what is your ram.
    Is it all from one matched kit?
    Can you run memtest86+ successfully?
    You should be able to complete a full pass with NO errors.

    The Corsair CX power supplies were originally not very reliable.
    Possibly testing with a known good quality psu might help.
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  4. I've run most recommended tests, they come back as fine. And as I stated in the original post, I had to replace everything with ddr4 when my first motherboard broke. And when I built my current one I built a similar pc for a family member at the same time. Her's works perfectly, mine started having issues a few months later. Same brand name parts, just hers were a step below mine. 6700 instead of a 6700K. Small, money saving differences like that.
    Its not hibernating, I don't even have that option. Sleep, or shut down. And I've installed windows 10 3 times. One the second install windows locked my sdd, so I had to buy a new SDD or wipe all of my information. (Because for some reason both external drives only saved half of what they were supposed to)
    So, I bought a new SDD, and then did an install of windows 10 pro. Everything was fine at first (Once I had replaced many many parts and found working ones), I built this computer last October as I stated before. These issues started happening 3 months ago.
    The ram I am using is my third set, and they are matching sticks.
    and my motherboard is a
    GIGABYTE LGA1151 Intel Z170 ATX DDR4 Motherboards (GA-Z170X-UD3 Ultra)

    Its frustrating to me because most of the solutions offered would work for most people and fix their pc, but for some reason nothing works for me.
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  5. What changed 3 months ago?

    Have you installed drivers that come directly from the parts web sites, and not from windows 10?
    There have been cases where a windows 10 update installed non optimal drivers that caused problems.
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  6. geofelt said:
    What changed 3 months ago?

    Have you installed drivers that come directly from the parts web sites, and not from windows 10?
    There have been cases where a windows 10 update installed non optimal drivers that caused problems.

    The only change I have made is a new mouse and its driver. Just a Logitech G602 Gaming Wireless Mouse. I hate wireless, but I can't find a wired mouse long enough for my desk. But I think the issues were happening a few days before the new mouse. And at first it was just the not turning off, which happened about half the time. But the past few weeks the other issues have started. And I don't remember a windows update at that time. I do remember updating windows after the computer wouldn't turn off, hoping that update would fix the problems. And office just started crashing about four days ago.
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  7. geofelt said:
    What changed 3 months ago?

    Have you installed drivers that come directly from the parts web sites, and not from windows 10?
    There have been cases where a windows 10 update installed non optimal drivers that caused problems.

    I also remember at that time malwarebytes started preventing office from working so I had to disable some of its features, but since I had webroot installed, I didn't think much of it. Could malwarebytes be causing this? This program just updated a few days ago and I fully enabled it again since the office issue has been fixed
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  8. USB has a max cable length of 5 meters without an active extension.
    Extenders are cheap.

    Are there any motherboard bios updates that fix your problem?
    DO NOT flash the bios just on speculation.

    In the process of changing motherboards, could you have possibly bent a socket pin?
    That can cause unpredictable symptoms, but nothing likely what you are experiencing.

    Can you use system restore to go back to a checkpoint when all was well?
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  9. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place, but for this motherboard (GA-Z170X-UD3 Ultra) gigabyte doesn't have any new updates listed. The last update for it was 03/14/16.
    For some reason I don't have any restores . I know I set it up, but I'm not seeing anything. As for a socket pin, I was as careful as I could have been. But, accidents still can happen, but it did seem fine.
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  10. If this is your motherboard, it looks to me like there are updates as late as 12/2016.

    Run cpu-Z to verify the model and revision of your motherboard as well as exactly what bios level you are at.

    Windows 10 knows it never makes mistakes so it turns of system restore for you.

    I would configure

    system restore and take a checkpoint before any update.
    With PRO, you can also set to defer automatic updates until they are proven stable.
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  11. Stupid Malwarebytes has decided to block checking for bios updates.
    The validation shows the bios is a 6/24/16 update, but I'm not sure without being able to actually check.

    Before I go through with uninstalling malwarebytes {which I just renewed my premium subscription for, which I won't ever do again) could malwarebytes be the cause of everything?

    I just want to try more simple solutions before moving on to more complicated bios updates.

    Or could it be just the psu? Because I know pcs not turning off can be caused by that.
    And something interesting I noticed and forgot to mention was that when I turn the power switch off on the psu, then back on, my keyboard will light up though the pc is not on. The keyboard will be on its default color and not what I have it on, so I know the pc is not 'really' on. The keyboard will also stay on after I turn off the computer on the rare occasions when the computer does turn off. I have to flick the power switch to get the keyboard to turn off. The keyboard is a corsair gaming k70. Its my second one after the first started doubling and sometimes tripling letters.

    Also could it be the ram? Because this is my third set of ram. So ram sticks 5 and 6. They have all been Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C15. In the first set both sticks were bad, and in the second set one stick was bad. I closed every application I could, and noticed 20% of my 16gb of ram was being used. Is that normal?

    Also I had auto updates turned off, but somehow it was turned on again. I gave up after turning it off for a second time to only have it turned back on.

    Is corsair even a good brand? I used to think it was but...
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  12. Best answer
    You are "All over the place".. flip flopping and suspecting everything, but have no clear plan.
    I will go back to my advice (first response)... SIMPLIFY...
    Update your BIOS, clean install of extra software like Malwarebytes.. min sticks of RAM.. etc
    If it all stable.. you can build from there.. if it not stable - you got fewer things it could be...

    I suspect you wont listen.. so will leave you to it.
    Good luck :)
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