LG LED TV doesn't turn on and the power indicator doesn't flash

Hi everyone :) I have a 5 years old LG LED TV and it suddenly stopped working. I tried to reconnect it to the power by unplugging and plugging but it didn't work. The strange thing is that the power indicator in front of TV doesn't turn on or flashes and the LCD also doesn't turn on. Then opened the TV and used phase meter but the phase meter light turns on on almost any connection :( then Tried to google it but don't know if the problem is due to power system or capacitors? Do I have to change the power board and how can I make sure that the problem is due to that?
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  1. Take it to a qualified technician to get it repaired.
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  2. I may have come into this idea before you! For a TV that doesn't worth 100 USD now paying the technician 200 USD in my country is not a good idea.

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    Take it to a qualified technician to get it repaired.

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    As a qualified electronic technician I do not tend to advise people pull apart high voltage equipment and try to repair it themselves and burn down the house or get electrocuted.

    I tend to care about my fellow man.

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