New to build PC's. Everything compatible?

I'm a newbie to building pcs and was looking for some help on the current selection of parts I have. Does everything on this list look ok? Hello. Please take a look at this list: . Is everything compatible?
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    Haha, i loved how you're going to buy every tool you need and more. That's a very good start IMO!

    But, talking about your rig.
    A few points to mention:
    - Stay away from VS series from Corsair, they are not good. If you're looking for a cheap PSU and still reliable, go for the CX450M or a SeaSonic S12II 520W at least.
    - 120GB of SSD is kinda small if you ever wish to add some games in it or even heavy software. Might wanna increase that if you're willing to spend a bit more. ( I have the exact same one, nothing to complaing about it aside the space )
    - Most modern MOBO already comes with SATA cables, two to be precise, there's really no need to buy more. But if you wanna be doubly sure, go for it.
    - Not really sure about the memory type of the MOBO, on the page it says DDR3, on the title DDR4. In the main page of ASUS, it says DDR4... Weird if you ask me. I'd suggest a if you wanna stay in budget or just trust the Asus main page, they're probably much more trustworthy than amazon, lol
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  2. So motherboard is DDR4 checked on asus's webpage, think amazon is jsut being stupid like usual.

    PSU i would change over to this for some reason its the same price as the 520w model so might as well get the 620w just in case you start to swap out parts and need more power.

    so motherboard comes with 2 black sata cables, so you dont really need new ones. But it never hurts to have to many and looks like your changing them over to blue anyways.

    120GB SSD is kinda small but if your smart and and load/store all your stuff on the 1TB drive you will be fine.
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  3. Thanks a lot for this. Just the type of answers I was looking for :)
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