Unreal Engine 4 and 2 gaming computer options. Which is better? Will either of them work?

I want to create games and mini movies for friends and small groups w not even for profit of any kind. I'd still like the products to be decent though. I've seen the links for the recommended hardware but I'm trying to keep my budget around $1000, maybe only a little higher than that and this is what I came up with.


This will be the first time I've built a computer, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to tamper with what I linked if you feel like you could make it more efficient or cheaper but will still work. I am open to suggestions. I saw the recommended hardware section on the Unreal Engine 4 site but I still would like to know which system is the better option or how I can improve it.
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    You are heading towards the right direction.

    Now for the intel build dont go with a Z class mobo if you are not getting a k class cpu or doing sli, for that cpu you could go with a h110 mobo and save some money, also the 970 gtx card is not a good buy since you can get a gtx 1060 6gb for less money and its better than the 970, you can also save a bit more by going with a 1050ti that would be adecuate for production not so much for gaming at 1080. you can probably go with faster ram at similar price.

    For the ryzen build you can step down from the 1600x to a 1600 and save on the aio cooler, i have that one and its not great for aio water coolers i think something with 2 or more fans is better this h60 performs sometimes worst than a cheaper regular air cooler, r5 1600 comes with a capable stock cooler so you can save there to put that money on better graphics (for gaming) or go up to a ryzen 7 1700 that will be better for production and rendering, or faster ram since reviews said ryzen get noticeable performance boost by going with 3000mhz or faster ram.

    both platforms will work, imo for 3d rendering and working with 3d engines go with more cores and a reasonble priced gpu (gtx 1050ti/1060 or AMD comparable card) if you want to go the i7 route get the 7th gen unless you are getting better prices on 6th gen, and if you are going ryzen you can save $$ by not going X class cpus and upping from r5 to r7 with more cores and a lot more threads that will make renders way faster, depending on the app it will be even faster than the i7 7700k.

    For GPU avoid older gen like gtx 7XX or 9XX they are good but are almost as expensive as the new 10XX series and draw more power, generate more heat and lack in performance, ie 970 < 1060 and the 1060 is cheaper.

    Hope any of this helps.
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