How to Overclock Intel core 2 duo?

I have Intel core 2 duo cpu , 4gb ddr3 ram and gt 730 2gb ddr5 graphics card and I want to Overclock Intel core 2 duo to play games!
Please help me give me all instructions or procedure to do
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  2. The GPU is weak enough that it might not help.

    And you are at risk of killing your mobo. (I did with my first mild OC that theoretically was not at all stressful)
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  3. Overclocking Duo Core 2 depends on two things the model of Duo Core2 (not all overclock nicely), and the more importantly the motherboard model.
    can you provide both theses information ?
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  4. Let's say your cpu is giving you 20fps in games, a 10% overclock at best would give you 22fps.
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