What do you think about my pc build?

This is my first pc build and i whant to know how good it is!
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  1. That's a great build, but why an lan card? The board has lan ports built in.
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  2. Nice build, but:
    1.[IMPORTANT] The GTX 1080ti was NOT intended for 1080p resolution. It's sole purpose for it's existence it to push 4k pixels on ultra settings so go with a 1440p monitor as a bare minimum.
    2.You don't need the Intel - E1G42ETBLK. The built in nic is probably better and you can configure multiple internal interfaces without needed an expansion card.
    3. The motherboard has built in wifi so you won't need Gigabyte - GC-WB867D-I.
    4. Take the money you'll save from suggestion 2 and 3 and put it towards a higher capacity 1tb solid state drive. Games are only increasing their capacity "foot print" so factoring extra capacity would be a wise choice because newer triple a title games are starting to take up close to 100gb of storage.
    5.Don't go with a founders edition graphics card. Go with asus's rog strix cards, as you'll get better performance and cooling temperatures, along with better power to allow for higher stable gpu overclocks. You can overclock your cpu with that setup, so why not overclock your gpu. You'll also get better rgb lighting effects to complement the kraken and the hue plus mentioned in suggestion 5, along with your corsair vengeance RGB memory.
    6. Since you are going with the nzxt case and cpu cooler, get the hue plus (hue plus isn't mandatory, you can still plug rgb fans into the motherboard headers) and rgb fans made by nzxt to match the kraken, instead of the noctua fans.
    7. I would go with the kraken x62, but the x61 should work just fine.
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    Question from Metecoapte : "How do i maje my pc look good"

    Metecoapte said:
    This is my pc build and i whant to know what can i use to make it match with my croma stuff.


    Get some LED fans, maybe some LED light bars.

    What's the network adapter for though? you have an Ethernet port directly on the motherboard
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    Question from Metecoapte : "What can i do to make this build with my croma lightining"

    I whant to know what can i add to this build to have croma lightining an to match my croma stuff.
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  5. Please, keep it in 1 thread
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  6. Make sure you ditch the 1080p monitor and go for a minimum of 1440p if you plan to use the 1080ti.
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