HyperX Cloud 2 7.1 USB soundcard for other headset?

My gaming buddy need a new headset and wants to buy a 7.1 headset. I've got a spare 7.1 USB soundcard for my HyperX Cloud 2 and I was wondering if he could buy a cheaper Cloud stereo headset and use the 7.1 USB soundcard?
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  1. Don't know about that but you can use any stereo headset and then use a program like Razer Surround to give the 'virtual' surround. This will work just as well as any virtual surround sound headset.
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  2. yes, he could use it with the cloud core / cloud 1.

    honestly the only difference between the two is the usb soundcard. you should be able to use it with any headphone/headset
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  3. Thanks for the answers. He purchased a Cloud Core and tried both the Razor ssoftware and the USB sound card, the last was without doubt the best. I might even say the Cloud Core with the USB sound card from the Cloud 2 sounds better than the actual Cloud 2 headset
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