Will Ryzen 5 1400 bottlenecks gtx 1060 6gb?

Hi guys im building a budget gaming pc and i was suggested to pair my zotac gtx 1060 6gb mini with ryzen 5 1400. He said that it wont bottlenecks

But as i research more in the internet, quite a majority of people suggested to pair it with i5 7500/7600 which is one level stronger than the 1400

Also they said that if i want to use my pc wholly for gaming (which i am) get the i5..

As ryzen 5 1400 is still relatively new i couldnt find any performance benchmark test againts 1060 anywhere. The one that i could find is either overclocked (i dont do overclocking) or comparison with its intel counterparts

Can you guys suggest me whether to stick with 1400?
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    Gaming the 7500 would be a great pairing for the 1060 6GB , my older son runs the combo.
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  2. +1^
    But my Ryzen 5 1600X (stock) trades punches with my i5-7600 if you want to go that route.
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  3. Thanks blackbird. I guess ill stretch my budget a bit to accomodate 7500

    Can you suggest a budget motherboard that goes with it? I dont really do overclocking, or plan to upgrade/add additional gpu in a foreseeable future and oh, preferably Micro ATX
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  4. Do you have a favorite site? , look for a B250 Micro board.
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  5. B250M is a bit pricey in my country. How about Asus H110-A? I heard H series doesnt work well with Kaby Lake except if it is manufactured by Asus?
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  6. Most H110 boards don't have a BIOS loaded to run Kaby Lake.
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  7. Allright i guess ill get the asrock b250m performance. Thank you
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