PC will not cold boot after memory overclock (Runs fine after clearing cmos and setting overlock / warm boot)

So I've been running my cpu at 4.4ghz 1.35v and memory at 1.65v at 2000mhz for a while. Cold boots fine, completely stable.

Yesterday I upped the memory speed to 2400mhz, booted into windows, gamed for several hours, ran stress tests, etc. No issues.

My final test, I shut the system down and tried to boot. I get the classic blank screen and then the system powers off.

I assume it might be a voltage issue but not sure where to begin, CPU or memory?

Memory model: CMY16GX3M2A2400C11R (Corsair Vengeance 16gb 2x 8gb)
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  1. timings?
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  2. L0stChild said:

    11-13-13-33 @ 2400
    11-13-13-31 @ 2000 (These timings are what corsair says will run 2400, system wont even boot at these timings with 2400 set)
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  3. ok so these ram modules are rated for 2400mhz.
    just select xmp for 2400mhz
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  4. L0stChild said:
    ok so these ram modules are rated for 2400mhz.
    just select xmp for 2400mhz

    That was the first thing I tried. My mobo doesn't take the XMP settings. I can load XMP, it just doesn't change anything... It's kind of odd.
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  5. Here are my available and current settings:
    vCore 1.35
    VDimm 1.65
    DIMM DQ Vref +0mv
    VCCIO 1.3
    PLL Vcore 1.8
    VCC 1.05 PCH
    PWM Frequency 800KHz
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