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I am building a new pc and was looking for a gpu (obviously) and I came across the gtx 1060 and 1070. I am going to be playing at 1080p and want 60fps and max graphic settings and I am still deciding on a 144hz or 60hz monitor. If you guys can help me decide which is best for what that would be great.
Side question, is a higher inch monitor better?

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  1. i suggest u buy the 1070 instead, since it's more future proof, and with that, u won't have to choose between 1080p and 1440p since your gpu can handle both well
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    That's a tough one. Both are really REALLY good for 1080P 144hz. Get the GTX 1070 if you absolutely want 144fps or more in any game, meanwhile get the GTX 1060 if you don't mind staying in the 70-80fps range.
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