Which of these surge protectors would work best for my system?

I am looking into getting a new surge protector for my new system. I did some research and found these 3 popped up quite a bit. Which one would be the best for my system? Thanks!

System specs:

Surge Protectors:


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  1. The 2nd one offers the most protection, higher joules.
  2. I don't know how the Belkin ones are built internally. What I do know is that APC's SurgeArrest Performance includes a good chunk of LC filtering to its surge protection. Next step up from the APC would be Tripp-Lite's isobar which has beefier filtering.
  3. So which one of them would be the best? Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  4. I already gave you the two suggestions I am familiar with.
  5. So do you recommend this one? http://
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