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Hey guys I'm considering upgrading from my ASUS Strix 980 to a ASUS Strix 1080 and I have a few questions regarding connecting it to the PSU. My PSU is a Corsair RM850. As far as I know from what I've researched (and feel free to correct my errors) the Asus 1080 should connect with a 8 pin and a 6 pin right? now from what I can tell from opening my pc (I didn't build it myself I ordered it prebuilt) it seems like my 980 also connected by an 8 pin and a 6 pin but that could be incorrect, if so though I assume I could just disconnect the current graphics card and connect it with the same PCIE cables correct?

I have very little experience even changing parts in my PC so I'm a bit nervous I'll make a mistake.

I'm also toying with the idea of getting a ASUS STRIX 1080ti instead but I've read that connects with 2 8 pins and I'm a bit unsure If I currently have the cables necessary. I do have a cable with 2 8 pins connectors on one end and one 8 pin connector into PSU one side, is that sufficient or is it best to use 2 individual cables. If so could I use one of the 8 pins currently connected to the 980 and leave the 6 pin hanging, then use one of the 8 pins from the 2 8 pin cable and use one of them hanging?

I might have gotten the necessary connectors wrong, I'm still not entirely sure my current ASUS Strix 980 uses an 8 pin and a 6 pin so if anybody knows that'd be super helpful to know.

Sorry this is long and convoluted and probably poorly explained but I'm just trying to make sure I'm properly aware of what I'll need and if what I have is compatible before I buy a new GPU.
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    Yes, you'd use the same PCIe connectors that currently power your 980 (ensure you remove your GPU drivers first, to avoid hiccups). The Strix 980 required 1x 8pin + 1x 6 pin, you're correct.

    As for the 2x 8pin connectors, what you *should* have is 2(or more)x 6+2 connectors (where they split, you can either use them as 6 pins or join the two pieces together for 8 pins).


    Your PSU came with 6x PCIe cables though, so you may have some variation (like 2x 6+2 and 2x 6pins)
    As per :
    6 x PCI-E Connector

    I would recommend the 1080TI if you're playing at either a higher refresh rate (120Hz+) 1440p or 60Hz 4K. If you're gaming at 1080p (even >120Hz), even a 1080 is arguably overkill, and a 1080TI would be even moreso. .

    You can use the 2x 8 pins on the same cable, provided the PSU is a single 12V Rail design, and good quality; which yours is.
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  2. You actually have six 6+2 PC-express power connectors so if you wanted to you could get two 1080ti or 1080s and sli them
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  3. That power supply has 6+2 pci-ex connectors. This means you can use just the '6' part for cards which only need a 6 pin. Or you can use the 6 and the extra 2 pin to create an 8 pin, for the cards that require that.

    The 1080 uses a 6 pin and an 8 pin, so for you that means you'd use one 6 and leave the 2 unnattached for one plug, and you'd use the 6 and the 2 on the other videocard plug to create the 8 pin.

    On the 1080 Ti, you'd use two 6+2 pin connectors to connect the 8 pins needed.

    In short, that power supply has everything you need for either card. As far as which cables to use, for neatness one cable with both sets of connectors is what I'd use if that's how you're doing it now for the 980.
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  4. Thanks so much for the quick responses guys!
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