evga 1060 6gb sc vs zotac 980ti amp! extreme

Well i can get an EVGA 1060 6GB SC for 265 euro NEW or one ZOTAC 980TI AMP! EXTREME for 330 euro USED.

I know that 980ti is a better card, but there is 65 euro different in price and of course one is NEW and the other is USED from someone that i dont know how, how long and for what purpose he used it for.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Whats your current specs?

    Obviously the 980 ti is the better card, but as you say its used so will have limited warranty and it uses more power.
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  2. i have an

    i7- 6700k
    16GB ram

    and i play on 1080p TV.
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  3. What make/model of PSU?
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  4. Evga 600watt 80+ psu. Not bronze or something, just 80+.
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  5. Best answer
    Either will be fine for you then.


    980 ti: around 15-20% faster than 1060 6gb

    1060 6gb: Uses less power, creates less heat, probably better driver support (due to newer architecture).
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  6. You are not helping.... ahahaha.

    I think i will go for the new one. Cause i love EVGA cards at first and i think it will cause me less headaches.....
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  7. Sorry, just trying to be objective.

    The 1060 6gb will do the job well.
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  8. I know those were also my thoughts and i was trying to get one more clear answer but i think there isnt. It's a win-win decision so i will go to the new-cheapest card.

    Thanks man for your time.
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