How to OC my ram?


My ram is G.Skill Aegis (2x8GB) sticks, I checked if my ram can be OCed and people have OCed them to around 2400 MHz.


CPU: I5 6500
RAM: G.Skill Aegis (2x8GB)
MOBO: H110M-K (Website says it supports 2133/2400MHz Ram)
GPU: R9 380X from PowerColor


Now my question is how do I OC my Ram to the 2400 Range and will my CPU support it? People told me the Ram can not be OCed, but on there website they have the same exact Ram, but instead of stock 2133 it is stock 2400, plus people have OCed the 2133 version to 2400 with no problems.
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    You have to go into your BIOS and change the DRAM settings. An explanation of your BIOS can be found starting at page 2-1 of your user manual.

    Here is a guide on how to overclock RAM,4693.html
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  2. Okay awesome thanks!
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