Did i win the silicon lottery?

Hello guys. After a good pause of using my pc, today i changed the cpu cooler and i tryed an stress test on aida64 with my 5930k stock for 1 hour. I use a Cryorig R1 Ultimate, 3 fan setup (afaik same as noctua nh-d15, maybe 1-2-3 C better with one more fan).Temps were wierdly low, at least from my experience. Take a look:

Note that ambient temperature was 26 C

What do you think about the OC potential of this cpu?
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  1. That's cool. Hard to tell about overclocking potential from idle temperatures though.
  2. I never overclocked before. I really don't know how i should start, what voltage for what frequency, i mean the starting point. I can start with 4.5 ghz at 1.3v but i really don't want to push it so high right now, i want to aim for a 4.2 ghz
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    People don't pick a voltage for a frequency when overclocking. That is up to the performance of the silicon in each individual case. The usual procedure for overclocking is, you up the speed of the chip until it fails validation, then up the voltage to stabilize it. If you can't stabilize it at a given speed, you've reached it's limit.

    Also, currently you have a low clock speed and low voltage in your CPU. You should find if you do overclock, power use by your CPU is not going to scale linearly, and you will reach a point at which you're requiring high voltage for little gain, dumping large amounts of waste heat. The chip may be great at stock speeds, but until you actually clock the chip up you won't know if it's great at overclocking also.
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