GTX 1060 3GB Mini single fan not working [SOLVED]

Hi, people.

This is a brand new card. I've just installed on my computer (that's also new) and went for tests. I've noticed immediately that something was strange. Temperatures were skyrocketing in a matter of seconds. After 1 minute or so it was reaching 90+ C already.

I've decided to change the way I was testing, always waiting for it to cool down a little bit, which was taking also a long time.

Performance is fine, GPU works as expected, what could be wrong? Went to MSI afterburner, everything seemed ok exceped... 100% FAN and no noise difference.

Opened my case and there it was: the fan never started. I can say that the GPU is pretty good at the tests performed, considering fan was not working.

Nevertheless, is there anything that I can try before returning it?

Changed power cables already and reattached the GPU, basically that was my "hard" troubleshooting.

Some specs:
i3 7100 with stock cooler (which is doing fine, BTW)
2x4GB DDR4 G.Skill
MSI B250M Mortar Arctic mATX
Thermaltake V21 core
Corsair TX-550W Gold
Win 10 Pro N

Thanks in advance for the help
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  1. Update:

    Yesterday I tried again the GPU. I moved my PC to another place, opened all the panel and tried to turn it on. The fan worked normally. I'm not sure if I should be happy or not, since I didn't do anything and it started working. It might happen in the future that I again don't do anything and it stops working again.

    Let's hope it doesn't happen. Not temperatures never passed 70C, even when stress testing.

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