GTX-1070 with EVGA 430 W Power Supply: Will it work?

Hi all, here are my computer specs.

Phenom II x64 3.2 Ghz 1090T Processor
16 GB Hyperfury DDR3 Ram
EVGA 430 Watt PSU

My question is, will my EVGA 430 Watt PSU be enough for this rig? I haven't gotten the GTX-1070 but just ordered it and it's coming in 2 days. Should I get a new psu too or is my current one enough?
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    Yes it will , I have 400w PSU and it works perfectly. Don't worry about it drawing more power than it should. You need 300-320w constant so you still have 80 watts to spare. :)
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  2. Not the best psu in the world but it should power it. That cpu is going to bottleneck a 1070, probably quite significantly in cpu intensive games.
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  3. Yes , but the question was if it will work and yes it will easily work. Don't even worry about the upgrades. You can also buy an i5 7500 and it will work just fine. :)
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  4. Thank you for the answers! Should I invest in a 500-600 watt power supply eventually if i want to upgrade to i5 with new motherboard and ram? THat is my next purchase.
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  5. No you don't! I have a lot of experience with these. 430w is enough for gtx 1070 and i5 7500. It's RECOMMENDED TO , but not needed with 430w to spare. :)
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