Should I need CPU cooler for i5 7600k?

Should I still need a CPU cooler for i5 7600k if I do not want to overclock it?
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  1. Yes of course you need a cooler.
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  2. Yes, you'll need to buy a cooler for it because Intel no longer provide coolers with their overclockable 'K' series processors - - they assume that most 'K' buyers will be overclocking and using a third-party cooler on it.

    So even if you don't intend to OC it, you'll still need to buy a cooler for it since it's supplied without one - - and you definitely can't run it without at least a basic cooler.

    There's really not much point buying a 'K' if you've no intention of OCing it. You may as well buy a 'non-K' - - they do come with a cooler as standard.
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  3. Yes, you need a CPU cooler if you overclock it or not because K version does not have stock cooler and CPU without cooler will get to 100-degrees and high temps gonna damage your cpu, mobo, and chipsets.
    coolers like "CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo" will work fine with your K version ;)
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    All CPUs will need a CPU cooler or else the PC won't boot. The CPU will simply overheat very quickly and shut down before damage is caused.

    A lot of the time, a stock CPU cooler is provided within the CPU package. Since your CPU is unlocked (name contains a 'K' on the end), however, it requires an aftermarket cooler as it doesn't include a stock.

    For no overclocking I highly advise the Cryorig M9i for $20 USD. It performs very fine for no overclocking, noise levels are low, and is smaller, better ram clearance and easier to build with unlike the cooler master 212 Evo.
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