maximus ix hero flashing bios

I have gone through setting up my pc. It has to be the first pc I have built in ten years and was woundering how to flash the bios so the maximus ix hero is compatable with the i7 7700k kable lake cpu.

I had heard that there were two ways one was usb and one was off the internet. So far I can't find it on the bios settings of the motherboard. I'm kinda in shock that I even got the thing to boot reading all my ram.
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    Maximus ix hero is already compatible with kaby lake cpus out of the box hence why it can boot.
    With your motherboard's manuals, there is already a detailed section on how to update your bios.
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  2. Yeah I had to go through the setup utility in order to get this done. It was a pain but I got it done.
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