GTX 970 Overclock Possible Damage?

Hello guys, so I was messing around with my GTX 970 with the MSI Afterburner. It was overclocked at +400 on memory and +170 on core %120 power limit was running perfectly fine on heaven and BF1. Then a while later I got a crash on BF1 so i pulled down some settings, 150 on core 350 on memory and it was working fine that one day even it crashed when i was idling on desktop while MKX was on background. Could I possibly have damaged my GPU? I was able to do +185 on core +500 on memory before when testing with valley and it was running ok, but it always crashed on BF1. Max temp I monitored was 68C.

Model I'm using is Asus Strix GTX 970
Current driver installed is 382.33
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  1. Nope no damage.
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  2. if it helps, i have the MSI 970 and i've had it set to the same settings. i had it up to 185, and 400.. it did great on unigine heaven multiple times, but m.e. andromeda and fallout 4 kept crashing. now i have it set to 170 and 370, didn't touch the voltage. it's working ok in both games. my power limit only goes to 110% though? maybe something to do with that. try running things on default settings?
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  3. Power limit ? keep an eye for temperature. If your oc is stable no need to go back.
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    First and foremost: Every card will be different, don't expect someone overclock to work for you.

    I run MSI After Burner on a EVGA SSC ACX2 970 and On top of the Factory SSC I run Power at 100, temp at 84, Core Clock +170 and Memory Click +400
    and monitoring the game with HWINFO on my second Screen I see clearly what its doing. namely never goes over 80'c @ 1.200v

    Overclocked results;
    GPU Clock 1467.7 Mhz
    Memory Clock 1915.7 Mhz
    GPU Video Clock 1350.Mhz

    Normal for this card is
    GPU Clock 1165 Mhz
    Memory Clock 1753 Mhz
    GPU Video 1317.Mhz

    that is how you compare it. otherwize if a game crashes then its possible it has nothing to do with overclocking, but the fastest way to know is save your overclock setting on MSI afterburner and reset setting to normal and play the game. If it doesn't crash then it does'nt like your overclock, tone it down by 10 on one and 50 on the other and try again
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  5. unless you did a bios mod on the card NVidia has safe guards built in to prevent that like voltage limit temp limit so when that's hit it will downclock /throttle or crash to safe low power modes intill its restarted / reset .. like when you get a bad overclock anyway the cards bios settings will stop you
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