Looking for laptop recommendations for work and home use around $500


I'm looking for a laptop for a worker of mine so she can do some work on the go or at the office.
She doesn't need anything special because most of the work she will need it for will be emails, word, excel, powerpoint, and some web browsing. For home use she will do some web browsing, youtube, pay her bills etc. Light use.

She really likes the sleekness of my levono yoga 2 (it has an ssd so it is pretty slim) but I a like to keep the budget a little lower than what I paid for this thing.

Budget: $500+/- $50
Prefer intel i series processors
4GB of ram or more
Need touch screen
Would like a decent resolution
Would like 15.6"
of course wifi
Video chat
Would be nice if it was fairly fast...not sure if this is due to processor or harddrive.

Please let me know if you need any other information.
Thank you!
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    HP Pavilion X360 for $505. The only downside is that the keyboard is not backlit.

    Upgrading to a SSD in the future will make the laptop feel more responsive because SSDs have much higher read / write speeds than HDDs. That means Windows will boot up faster and programs will launch faster.
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  2. That Looks like a great laptop. Any others you would suggest?
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  3. I'd second the HP Pavilion X360. It hit's all your key features and price. At this price point, I haven't seen any laptops with a SSD.
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