Moving from a Dell XPS 8910 case?

I just bought a Dell XPS 8910 a few weeks ago.

GPU - Nvidia GeForce 1070 SC, EVGA Supernova 850 power supply.
32 GB ddr4 ram

At idle I'm around 40-45 c. During gaming I'm anywhere between 64-79. I've looked into changing the CPU fan but with the power supply folding over right on the CPU I'm not sure what aftermarket choices I have. Is it possible to use all the components and move it to a better case where the power supply didn't sit on the CPU. I was looking at this case for better airflow. Also then adding a better CPU fan like the Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212. Any ideas of this is plausible?

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    If you do, you'll need a new PSU as well.
    It's a standard MicroAtx layout, so any case that's microatx compatible will work.
    Also you'll need a new optical drive, or an adapter for it, a case that takes a slim optical drive (very few would)
    I don't know if the I/O shield is removable though... That's a minor issue though.
    Here's the service manual for how to take it apart though:

    212 evo isn't super great really anymore, Cryorig H7 is a bit better.

    Yes that case will work, BUT your internals look like garbage, so i'm not sure you'd want anyone to see them.
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