PC crashes, apps wont launch, CTRL+ALT+DEL wont work, PC in a state of constant 'Logging off' (Tried everything, please help)

The brief:
PC locks up randomly, internet pages stop loading and always say "Connecting", Programs wont launch, internet apps like discord or steam instantly disconnect and lose funcationality, CTRL+ALT+DEL doesnt work and PC constantly says logging off instead of shutting down.

The story:
Couple of months ago I built a new PC using a new Motherboard, processor and RAM sets while using my old Powersuply, Graphics card and harddrive. At first, it ran like a charm, little issues that were easily fixed were the only problem.

However, after a couple of weeks, sometimes the PC would lock up and crash (How i described above) when ever i launched google chrome. This wasnt every time i launched it, but sometimes the application would open on a white screen, not respond to clicking and then crash the entire PC. Natural i unistalled and reinstalled Chrome but that problem persisted. I resorted to using Firefox for a while, the problem almost disappeared but there were still soem random crashes (unsure if they were linked to the previous crashes, the symptoms were the same though).

Because the Motherboard, Processor and RAM sets were new, i decided to swap out the hardrive, thinking that was the source of the problem. I bought a new harddrive, and installed a fresh copy of windows 7 onto it. It worked but the problem persisted and the crashes still happened, with or without chrome installed on the PC.

The crashes are inconsistant, sometimes it wont crash form 3 days, other times it will crash 3 times a day, and will crash at any time so nothing is obviously triggering it. However the effects are always the same. Discord will instantly disconnect from a call but still act like im in it, steam will pretend im online but not send messages, applications wont launch, chrome/firefox opens to the hopepage but constantly says 'loading' if anythign is clicked, sometimes i can get to the taskmanager (everythign looks normal) but when ever i shut down, it hangs on 'logging off' for hours on end.

The only solution i see if the powersupply is faulty (5-ish years old) because the graphics card is a GTX 970, not new but definatly not old. But im not sure how that would let me run my computer normall for random amounts of tiem before crashign itself.

Any advice or help is wellcome and needed, id rather not have to spend even more money on this computer if there is an easy fix.

Thankyou for your time.

EDIT 1: I managed to capture a crash as it happened, sorry for the poor quality but obviously i couldnt record it on my PC. This crashw as caused simply by watching a youtube video and skippign ahead slightly. Couldnt CTRL+Alt+Del, and when i tried to shut down it went black screen but the mouse was still visible.
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    Try to create an user account and log on with that to see what happen. btw, try to boot onto safemode with network and download malwarebyte and scan for virus. then defrag the drive and check disk for errors. delete temp files on your user's profile (view hidden files/folders) users > your_user_name folder > AppData > Local > Temp folder > select all and delete.
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  2. Was windows already installed on the hard drive? Windows isn't too friendly with mass hardware changes. Your hard drive could also be failing. That doesn't sound like a dying power supply, the PC isn't randomly losing power. I would try to make a windows 10 USB stick and use it to repair and re install windows 10. GL
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