My pc is not working please help me

My specs i3-4130, asus h81m-e, 4GB ddr3 1333mhz ram, 1tb harddrive, generic psu and some random case

Situation - My pc wont turn on when i press the power button on my case. Theres a little green light in the motherboard which makes me think that its not broken (not really sure thou). I tested my psu aswell by putting a paper clip into the 24 pin in my psu which made the fan turn on which usually means its not the cpu either. Now nothing happens when i turn on the computer.
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  1. The green light indicates +5V standby power is available. The paper clip test proves the PSU can power on, but you also need to check all voltages with a DVM. It sometimes is easier to use a spare PSU. What make and model is your generic PSU?
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  2. Google "TRENDSONIC LC-8600BTX " and go to the images you will see an image with OLX in the bottom left thats the excact type. BTW the ethernet cable is blinking when it is connected to the pc even though i havent switched it on is it also because of the 5v battery?
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  3. I never heard of that PSU, but I presume that it isn't high quality. The cost of that PSU seems extremely low when compared to a better 500W PSU:

    I can't be sure the PSU is the issue, but you should try another PSU.
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  4. So the motherboard isn't the problem and i should just get a better psu?
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    ProSilent124 said:
    So the motherboard isn't the problem and i should just get a better psu?
    I never wrote that the motherboard isn't the issue, but testing with another less crappy PSU should be the first step. If another PSU (use a spare or borrow one) doesn't resolve the issue, then the motherboard could be defective. Even though the motherboard is inexpensive, its quality certainly is better than your PSU.
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  6. ok then ill try to borrow one first but my friend is like on a vacation right now so can't do anything with my pc yet
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  7. I didn't ask before, but you made sure the issue isn't the power switch?
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