Is sapphire rx 560 4gb pulse better than nvidia's gtx 1050 ti

i want to buy a graphics card in range of Rs 13000 so which one should i get.
I also want that the graphics card is vr supported
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  1. The GTX 1050 Ti is much better than the RX 560 4GB.

    The RX 560 4GB hovers around GTX 1050 Non-TI performance, and It's still a little bit slower in most cases.
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  2. is 1050 ti vr ready
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  3. RX 470 would be much better for VR.
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  4. but it is over 20000rs
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  5. I wouldn't call the GTX 1050 Ti VR-Ready.
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  6. is rx 560 vr ready
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  7. siddhartha mudgal said:
    is rx 560 vr ready

    No it's weaker than the 1050 ti the cheapest vr ready card you can have is the 1060 6gb or rx 480/580.
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