Vii Hero doesn't boot, doesn't enter bios, stuck in ROG logo on screen after gpu OC

I was overclocking my GPU from GPU tweak 2, it was perfectly stable until I moved the slider from 1400 to 1450 mhz core clock. Then it stuttered for a second, and I thought it was a usual unstable overclock and resetted PC. Now it doesnt boot, and only shows ROG logo with "press del or f2 to enter BIOS", but it does not enter it, it continously shows that screen. Tried CMOS button, no change.
I need some help, thank you.

i7 4790k
2x Gtx 970 SLI
Maximus vii hero
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    Watch this video You can try remove your GPU and connect monitor cables to motherboard. Then it should use intel hd graphics. If it boots to windows then unistall GPU Tweak 2 and put your 2 gtx 970 back to pc.
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