Is the "Intel® Pentium® Processor N3710 (2 MB L2, 1.6 Ghz) " good enough for app development?

Hi, I'm a CSE student as well as a fresher. I was wondering about buying a Laptop for my classes and group studies. I have a high end computer on my home, so I really do not need a high end laptop or something on the portable side as well.

Within my budget I have found one laptop (with 8 gb ram) using the "Intel® Pentium® Processor N3710" as the processor. I just wanna know how good that is to keep me up with my friends' laptops on building and compiling codes and stuffs (i.e Android SDK) on the go.

Is it a good choice? or I would regret after buying the laptop with this CPU? I really do not want to go buy an i3/i5 laptop because I'm low on budget.

Feel free to suggest me other processors as well.

P.S: Here is the processor link:-
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    In most cases, the N3710 Is a really good CPU.

    1# It has a deadly amount of wattage. ( just kidding, it uses almost no power )

    2# 4 Cores makes it pretty good for a CPU, it can handle more stuff.

    3# If you are looking at overclocking it with that laptop, you could probably get it to 2 Ghz or higher, if your willing to let temperatures get over 80 Degrees Celsius, this would greatly improve performance.

    That CPU Should easily perform the task of scripting and coding to your needs, maybe not so much for heavy-tasks though.

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  2. The N3710 is basically a glorified Atom, meant for basic office work and web browsing tasks only. You can code on it, but compile times are likely to be fairly slow. I've found that these rebranded Atom chips often spend a lot of their CPU resources just running Windows, so I wouldn't recommend it for anything but the lightest of tasks.
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