New external SSD is visible in Device Manager but not the list of drives in My Computer

I have a usb connected new 500GB Samsung 850 EVO . I have already formatted and partitioned it and, in Device Manager, it shows up as "Healthy ( Active, Primary Partition)." However, it is not showing up in the list of drives in "Computer." OS is Win 7 Ultimate 64bit. Any suggestions as to how I can get it to show up will be greatly appreciated!
*** UPDATE *** Well, this is odd. I unpluged the drive from my main PC and plugged it into my notebook (OS is Win 7 Pro 64bit) and it showed up in the list of drives in Computer. However, I plugged it back into my main PC and, even though it made the sound of a new USB connected device, it still does not show up in Computer.
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  1. You may need to assign a letter to it. It will be different in different computers though.
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    try another slot and or cable first. second go through drive characteristics on main pc again.
    Last but not least check your power settings on main pc for energy saving options.
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