How Much Did You Spend On Your Custom Water Cooling?

Hello all, I'm just wondering what everyone has spent so far on their water cooling builds. I was pricing some things out on EK's website and I'm looking at close to $600 just to cool my CPU using a 420mm radiator and 140mm fans. However, I am thinking I'll be able to cool more than just the CPU with said radiator in the future. I did opt for extra fittings and hard tubing but still, it sure isn't cheap and you can spend a lot more than what my build was going to cost.
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    cooling CPU =
    D5 pump+res/top combo - 150$
    rad - 70$
    cpu block - 70$
    fans - 30-50$ for two
    fittings, tubes, ball valve - 50$
    distilled water - 1 gallon for 1$

    So CPU loop with 240 rad will cost around 350$
    bigger rad, you are looking at 50-70$ more.

    If you want to save money, you can go as low as slightly over 200$ by choosing DDC pump and doing a lot of search for components. for example mayhem lists D5 Vario with housing for 45 pounds = 57$

    so consider 200$ for as starter.
    350-400 is a average price for CPU loop.
    500-600 for a full loop - single GPU.
    800 and more for exotic loop

    my loop is around 750-850, but that's glass tubing (a lot of fittings as you can not bend), that includes taxes and shipping + 4 noctua industrialPPC fans for over 100$ alone,
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  2. Far too much! ;)
    My setup has evolved through several builds so it's hard to put a single figure on it, but I'm well below the $600 (I'll assume US currency) mark.
    As of writing I'm running a i7 6700/Phobya 10401 block with a GTX1080/EK-FC1080 GTX TF6 block off a single Black Ice Nemesis 420 rad with 3 Noctua fans and a cheap Phobya DC12 400 pump/Alphacool LT160 res, all set to run quietly (low RPM). Probable cost<>£300 UK Pounds.
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  3. A lot is all I'm willing to share :) Using 3 AquaComputer AMS Copper radiators and aqualis reservoir(w/ Gentle Typhoon fans)HeatKiller CPU and GPU blocks, EK VRM block. Also using dual Swiftech MCP35X pumps, Bitspower and Primochill fittings w/ rigid tubing. I went overkill initially, so as my build components change, cooling capacity isn't an issue. If setup correctly, you get the benefits of low noise and low temps regardless of system load. If you consider custom, plan carefully and you can save plenty of $$.
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