Asrock taichi good choice for ryzen 5 1600?

Planning on buying a ryzen 5 1600 and im stuck between the msi gaming pro carbon and the asrock taichi, and im leaning more towards the taichi.

I have 16gb of 3000mhz trident z and would like to know what would be the better choice
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    Yes. The Taichi is one of, if not the best board available at this point in time. I did a build with the 1600x and it was perfect from the first power-up. I have had no issues. Initial install was great, updated the BIOS from a thumb drive to 2.20, change RAM setting to 3200 and it has been great. I think the closest competition is the Crosshair VI Hero and I considered both but the price for the Hero, while varied and more options in some areas, wasn't worth it for me.

    I think this is a choice of features and looks, in the end. But the Taichi has more copper and a stronger VRM and enough ports to meet most user's needs. Some might say it is over-kill for a 1600 but if you want to OC it later, you'll have a lot of head room. I got the G. Skill Flare-X 3200 RAM, btw, and am glad I did. I would take the step up, even for the Trident Z 3200...which I also like... and have more room to potentially OC that RAM when the BIOS will allow it.

    If the Taichi fits your budget and you like the looks of it, you'll be pleased with it. Very solid. Very easy to work with. Clean lines and design specs. A board for the next three to five years, easy.
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  2. Yeap, Taichi all the way!
    Actually the Taichi and Fatal1ty K6 are the same, just the Fatal1ty has the 5Gps port.
    But if you like the red and black better, its always a option..
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  3. Its the best for sure, but might be a bit too overkill :D
    Go with a X370 Killer or even a B350 Fatal1ty, something cheaper but still good.
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