Overclocking GTX 1080 Ti

Gigabyte Aorus Gtx 1080ti extreme edition
i7 7700k oc to 4.8ghz
16gb ddr4 ram
600w psu

Hello, recently i have bought a new gtx 1080ti and have been trying to overclock it. I have reached up to 1780mhz gpu boost, however if i go any higher, like such at 1820mhz, the pc runs but when i start a game the game instantly crashes, and if i go all the way up to 1900mhz, the pc just shuts down.

I was wondering if this could be a fault of the GPU or if its the fact that i only have a 600w psu, and if upgrading to 750w would help?

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    What model is your PSU? If it some cheap PSU then it could be the reason why, GPU draw around 280w at stock speed,
    7700k around 130w at stock speed + power for your other components. So it most likely that you need higher power rated PSU.
    Does it work fine on stock speeds?
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