Built myself a new PC,was working flawless untill i tried changing the CPU cooler PC turns on and shuts down after 10 Secounds

So a few weeks ago i bought myself parts to build a new PC,i build it and everything was working flawless untill i thought should upgrade the cooler.

I bought a new CPU cooler (Coolermaster hyper EVO 212) i removed the old cpu put the new one and i tried to boot up the pc.

When i booted it it just turned on for 10 secounds and then automatically shut if self off,and it repets doing this forever.

So i got the old CPU cooler back in and it does the same. I tried changing the RAM slots, but it didn't work.

Also i see nothing on the screen.

So please guys help me out! :)
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    CPU:i7 6700k
    RAM:RIPJAWS 3000Mhz
    MBO: Gigabyte H110M-S2H-CF
    PSU:DeepCool DN500 new version
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  2. Are you sure you plugged the fan into the right connector? some boards will not boot if they don't detect a cpu fan
    Otherwise it sounds like a heat issue which would indicate the cooler is not fitted correctly or the cpu paste is not working. Did you clean it off and reapply?.

    Also stock intel coolers can be a little awkward to refit, sometimes the push pins don't go back to how they need to be and you have to slide the white part down off the black inner pin before pushing the white part through the board. Hard to tell without looking under the board how well it has worked.

    If you can get it to start go into the BIOS and check the temperatures before starting up, it should be running cool in the BIOS because there's no load on the CPU. Another issue with the Hyper 212 is the stock fan can run a bit slow for the default BIOS settings, I had to lower the warning threshold on mine but that wasn't stopping it from booting, just causing an alarm.
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  3. So i tried applying the cpu cooler again with everything done right but it still does the same thing! I am really pissed off can someone somehow help me please?
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    There's a 4 or 8 pin power connector near the CPU socket, make sure that it's firmly connected. Also check the RAM again to make sure it's inserted properly.
    If neither of those help try unplugging it from the wall outlet and waiting a few minutes before plugging it back in. After that hopefully someone else has some suggestions.
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